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The temperature is rising in the south of Spain, thanks to Playboy Playmate Zuriñe Aspiunza‘s scorchingly hot figure. Originally from Bilbao, Zuriñe – or Zuri, as her friends call her – travels to a villa in the desert-like hills of Almería to spend the day basking in the sun.
On the set with the photographer Ana Dias, Zuriñe tells us that she’s thrilled to cross Playboy off her career goals. “I am a bold, strong, and independent person. And I feel free and fulfilled when I pose nude,” she shares. “I want to encourage women to show their bodies and feel sexy doing it. And more importantly, to do what they want without having to justify themselves.”
A hardworking woman, Zuriñe has put in the hours to get to where she is today and hopes to feed her creativity through clothing design in the future. “Career ambitions? I would like to continue traveling and working as a model,” says Zuri, “but my dream is to create my own brand of lingerie.” For Zuriñe, small joys are what life is all about. “What makes me happy? The little things,” she smiles, “[like] being with my family and friends.” Zuriñe also stresses how important alone time is, which she often spends in nature. “I love adventures! I adore all outdoor sports, especially those related to the sea, [like] surfing.”
Enjoy the hot sun with the flawless Zuri Aspiunza as Miss July 2022 for Playboy Czech Republic.

First published in Playboy Czech Republic July 2022 Issue
Also published inPlayboy Netherlands August 2022 Issue; Playboy Germany Special Edition – Hot Pants – 2022 Issue
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Model: Zuriñe Aspiunza; Photographer: Ana Dias; Producer: Gonçalo Jorge; Photography Assistant: Carlos Prazeres; Makeup & Hair: Joana Silva; Video: Filipe Figueiredo


Zurine Aspiunza by Ana DiasZurine aspiunza nudeZurine Aspiunza nude for Playboy by Ana Dias



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