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Playboy Playmate Zoi Gorman steals the spotlight in this sizzling and minimalist photo set captured by photographer Ana Dias. Dressed in sleek black and red lingerie, Zoi showcases her elegant and flawless physique.
The shooting takes you on a wild ride into Zoi’s frisky side. Picture her with a playful gun that goes “bang” or wearing a mysterious rabbit mask, complete with red lips and a beaming smile. What makes it even cooler? This all unfolds in the personal space of Ana’s apartment in Lisbon, adding a unique touch to the excitement. The focus here is on simplicity, highlighting Zoi’s lively energy.
Hailing from Scottish and Greek roots, Zoi started her modeling career part-time while pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering at The University of Glasgow. After a brief stint in environmental water management, Zoi decided to follow her passion and transitioned into full-time modeling. “Today, I can proudly say that I’ve worked with some of Europe’s most accomplished photographers and have been featured in some of the most renowned nude magazines. I am a Playmate in various countries, including holding the title of Miss February 2014 for Playboy South Africa!” she shares.
Beyond the camera, Zoi cherishes tranquility with loved ones, enjoying the simplicity of cooking, a glass of red wine, and indulging in a good book or film. In matters of the heart, she seeks a patient, intelligent, and humorous man—no jealousy allowed. Dark hair and strong hands are definite pluses.
Prepare for a visually enticing journey with the incredibly sexy Playmate Zoi Gorman!

Published in Playboy South Africa February 2014 Issue
Also published in Playboy Romania April 2014 Issue; Playboy Mexico August 2015 Issue
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Model: Zoi Gorman; Photographer: Ana Dias; Producer: Gonçalo Jorge; Makeup: Ana Duarte; Hair: Clarisse Fernandes; Video: Maria Ferreira




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