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The Islander


Like the ocean, Playmate Yoli Lara will draw you in. On location in her native Puerto Rico, Yoli shows her radiant and kind spirit, as the photographer Ana Dias captures her beauty. “My island is everything to me,” she says. Bouncing around town, Yoli takes us to all her most loved places: Cayey, the Santurce market, the skate park in La Perla, and her absolute favorite, the ocean. “For me, the beach is everything,” she gushes. “I was born on an island, so I feel very tied to the ocean. It’s a spiritual, cleansing adventure.” Looking stunning, Yoli is all smiles as she shows off her lovely curves. “I wasn’t a conventional model,” she says, recalling some of her first castings. “Like all the women in my family, I have a tiny waist and big hips. I’m used to it now, but at those early castings, I would always hear, ‘You’re perfect, but your hips are too big,’ and I would be like, ‘that’s literally how my body is. I can’t just grow or shrink,” she says. Since then, Yoli has loved the progress the business is making. “I’m grateful that industries now are more inclusive regarding race, shape, color, and gender.” Join miss June 2019, on a tour of her native island.

First published in Playboy Spring 2019 Issue
Also published in Playboy Italy April 2019 Issue; Playboy Czech Republic May 2015 Issue; Playboy Portugal May 2019 Issue; Playboy Bulgaria June 2019 Issue; Playboy Hungary September 2019 Issue; Playboy Netherlands January 2020 Issue; Playboy Mexico February 2020 Issue; Playboy Calendar 2020
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Model: Yolimar Lara; Photographer: Ana Dias; Executive Editor: Shane Michael Singh; Photography & Multimedia Director: Anna Wilson; Creative Director: Erica Loewy; Photography Assistants: Christian Chasko Pérez, Lizbeth Perez
; Styling: Kelley Ash; Makeup & Hair: Danny Miami; Photo Coordinator: Sandra Evans; Video: Filipe Figueiredo


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