Ana Dias

Wet Sand


Enjoy the stunning ocean views alongside the radiant Playboy Playmate Kim Shinobi in this sun-soaked pictorial. Captured by photographer Ana Dias on the southern coast of Portugal, Kim joyfully spends her day on the beach, running freely through the wet sand.
Despite her Vietnamese roots, Kim was born in Germany and has called Berlin home for the past three years. She’s passionate about acting, exploring film, theater, and improvisation. Beyond performing, Kim enjoys coaching and teaching acting techniques to both kids and adults. But her ambitions don’t end there. “I want to study medicine or neuroscience soon, aiming to blend my studies with acting. I believe in the healing power of acting and hope to bring that into the field of medicine,” she shares.
Although she possesses extraordinary and delicate beauty, Kim has always been humble about her looks. “I would say I’m not a classic beauty. My appearance is certainly a matter of taste. I think what makes me attractive is my charisma. I’m confident and charismatic,” she shares.
When she’s not in front of the camera, Kim has a variety of hobbies she enjoys. “I’m a very spiritual person, I meditate a lot and do yoga. I enjoy being in nature and love traveling. I’ve also had a passion for literature since I was young.” Additionally, cooking is another one of her great passions. “I love cooking, and I also enjoy cooking for others – because I have Asian roots and am currently exploring my culture, especially in this regard.”
Join Kim Shinobi on a journey of sand, water and sensuality as she dazzles in the June 2023 Issue of Playboy Germany.

Published in Playboy Germany June 2023 Issue
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Model: Kim Shinobi; Photographer: Ana Dias; Producer: Gonçalo Jorge; Makeup: Ana Duarte; Hair: Clarisse Fernandes; Video: Filipe Figueiredo




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