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Playmate Clédia Fortin is a total smokeshow in this set from photographer Ana Dias. Tall and slender, with chocolate-brown hair, black eyes and full lips, Clédia is a whole lot of woman. On location in a beautiful summer villa, she feels relaxed and liberated. “The mood was very calm and fluid, which allowed me to be totally comfortable with my body. That’s exactly what I needed to be able to show who I am and to create authentic images,” she reveals. Posing poolside with some retro technology like an old school cell phone, television, and a Polaroid camera, Clédia is indeed as authentic as can be.
A lover of art, nature and music, this 22 year old French model can be seen in fashion magazines the world over. When she is not posing for a camera, she’ll likely be playing the piano or cello for her friends. “Music is a real wealth and plays an obvious role in regulating our emotions, so if I can share this with others, I am the most fulfilled,” Clédia says.
“Posing nude is liberating and nudity, in my opinion, is the purest expression of beauty. I find that there is nothing more beautiful than a raw, natural naked woman,” she says. Be sure to check out Clédia’s sensual sophistication, right here.

First published in Playboy Czech Republic September 2021 Issue
Also published in Playboy Germany December 2021 Issue
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Model: Clédia Fortin; Photographer: Ana Dias; Producer: Gonçalo Jorge; Makeup & Hair: Raquel Batalha; Video: Filipe Figueiredo; Aerial Images: Pedro Barradas


Cledia photographed by Ana Dias


Ana Dias PhotographerAna Dias photographing Cledia Fortin for Playboy


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