Ana Dias

Sun Kissed


Sometimes, life throws us unexpected challenges, and we have to think on our feet. I pride myself on being super organized photographer when it comes to my photoshoots. I always invest time in studying the models beforehand and selecting a mood that aligns with their essence, allowing me to capture their true selves.
When I first saw Natalia Andreeva, an image immediately formed in my mind—a pool adorned with aquatic accessories, a shower, and vibrant, playful elements to complement her personality. Thankfully, a friend kindly offered his house for the shoot, and everything seemed to be falling into place. The weather was cooperating too. But then, just two days before the big photoshoot on August 20, 2019, I got a real bummer of a message from the homeowner. He told me we couldn’t use his pool that day. I felt stuck in a tricky situation, not really sure what to do next.
Finding another beautiful house with a pool available in the middle of August seemed like an impossible task. I reached out to my contacts and scoured the internet, but I didn’t find any place that I liked. So, I decided to brainstorm an alternative that I could control. Since I love the beach, that was the natural choice for me, even though I had initially wanted a villa with a pool. I had to rethink everything and exchange the chlorinated water for the saltwater of the ocean.
It was like a mad rush, making me change up the mood board from my original idea. Plus, summer was in full swing, and August is when everybody takes off on vacation. Trying to find a quiet beach spot seemed almost impossible. Fortunately, I remembered a beach where I often shoot. Although it was crowded, I knew that with a 2 or 3-kilometer walk, we could find a spot just for us.
It was a tough journey, but the end result? I couldn’t be happier!

– Ana Dias

BTS photos by Gonçalo Jorge, Pedro Barradas and Magda Casqueiro

Model: Natalia Andreeva; Photographer: Ana Dias; Producer: Gonçalo Jorge; Makeup & Hair: Magda Casqueiro; Video: Pedro Barradas


Playboy, Natalia Andreeva