Ana Dias

Hey, Miki!


This was one of the most special photo shoots in my career as a photographer. I’d been eager to work with Miki Hamano for a while. I had seen her in other projects, and her face was etched in my mind. She’s not only incredibly gorgeous and talented but there’s something special about her beauty that really gets to me.
So, you can imagine my excitement when Erica told me that Miki was going to be the Playmate of March, and I’d be the lucky one to photograph her. It felt like a dream come true! As for the moodboard, it didn’t take us long to envision an 80s-inspired Americana vibe, complete with a cool sports car reminiscent of Miami Vice, lollipops, and stylized pieces.
After a bunch of back-and-forths, we settled on the location – a luxurious modern villa in Malibu – and the car, the one I’d been secretly yearning for, a white Chevrolet Corvette!
The shooting was scheduled for October 29, 2018. On the 26th, Jorge and I were already on a flight from Lisbon to California, a mix of excitement and jitters filling the air. On the big day, I woke up early to prepare for the shoot. We stayed at a hotel in Hollywood, knowing we had to hit the road more than an hour early to beat the Monday traffic. We cruised while listening to David Bowie, my personal muse for keeping my creativity flowing.
I must admit; I was a bundle of nerves that morning. Part of it was the deep admiration I had for Miki, and the other part was my determination to make this editorial the best it could be. Luckily, I had Gonçalo, who was my “ground control,” providing moral support from the other side of the ocean, and Jorge, right there with me, pumping me up. All I had to do was what I do best – capturing the beauty of a stunning woman in a surreal setting.
And, well, it all came together perfectly. Miki exceeded all expectations, making my job a breeze and contributing to an absolutely amazing final result. The entire team was incredible, working tirelessly to ensure the shoot’s success. Plus, having the super talented videographer, Eric Longden, on board added an extra layer of awesomeness to the whole

– Ana Dias

BTS photos by Jorge Teixeira

Model: Miki Hamano; Photographer: Ana Dias; Photography Director: Anna Wilson; Art Director: Erica Loewy; Photography Assistant: Jorge Teixeira; Styling: Kelley Ash; Makeup & Hair: Bree Stanchfield; Staff Photography and Video: Evan Woods; Photo Coordinator: Sandra Evans; Video: Eric Longden

Playboy, Miki Hamano