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Baby Blue


Lose yourself in the mesmerizing world of Playboy cover girl, Amelie Lou, as seen through the lens of photographer Ana Dias. Watch as Amelie’s delicate and feminine allure comes to life, whether she’s cruising on her tiny motorcycle along the Alentejo coast or taking a leisurely walk on the sandy shores, with the breathtaking Atlantic Ocean in the background.
Amelie can’t contain her excitement, saying, “It was an amazing experience! Doing a photoshoot with Ana has been a dream of mine for a long time.” Her modeling journey has taken her from her small-town roots in Donetsk, Ukraine, to globetrotting adventures while connecting with people from diverse cultures. “Sometimes, I have to stop and take a moment to recognize how much I have evolved,” she reflects.
With a petite natural figure and hypnotic blue eyes, this 24-year-old beauty believes her modeling poses come naturally. She even jokes, “Maybe I’m not even doing it right, but hey, no one’s complained yet!”
In addition to her modeling career, Amelie is also on a mission to become a psychologist and make a positive impact on people’s lives. Her dream? Helping individuals with emotional struggles understand their feelings and find meaning in life. “I’m passionate about psychology! I want to be there for people and make the world a safer place,” she shares.
And when Amelie isn’t pursuing her dreams, you’ll find her with her furry sidekick, Princess, a kitty she rescued from an animal shelter. Her compassion isn’t limited to her four-legged friend; she’s all about building deep connections with the people in her life. Family and friends hold the most special place in her heart, and she’s always ready to open up and share her feelings with those who matter most.
But there’s more to Amelie than her career and her caring nature. She loves to dance and paint at home, letting loose and expressing herself freely. “Painting is sort of a meditation for me,” she shares.
Her zest for life is downright contagious, and she tackles each day with an adventurous spirit, always eager to see what the world has in store.
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Amelie Lou, just for you.

Published in Playboy Netherlands April 2023 Issue
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Model: Amelie Lou; Photographer: Ana Dias; Producer: Gonçalo Jorge; Makeup & Hair: Olga Galkina – Team Raquel Batalha; Photography Assistants: Francisco Figueiredo, Duarte Gomes; Video: Filipe Figueiredo




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