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Let’s give a warm welcome to Amalie Olufsen, the 24-year-old sensation from Mo i Rana, Norway. She’s bringing back the ’80s vibe in her latest photoshoot with Ana Dias. Rocking a Seven-Eleven cap, hot pink shorts, and retro white sunglasses, she effortlessly channels that era’s coolness.”The ’80s mix different styles, from chill to super sexy – those are totally my vibes. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong decade!”, she grins. Amalie’s near-white blonde hair perfectly complements her sun-kissed body, making her impossible to overlook.
Adding a touch of nostalgia to the shooting is her classic banana bicycle. Her go-to drink? Diet Pepsi with just one calorie, which she enjoys daily. “I actually have one in my hand right now,” she laughs.
Amalie is a shining star in Norway’s modeling scene, celebrated for her creativity and boundless passion. “My happy place is right in front of the camera,” she says. “The journey to chasing my dreams is where the real magic happens, and each step closer is like a burst of pure joy. It’s one of the best feelings ever.”
However, Amalie’s fitness routine demands rigorous effort: “Keeping in shape is tough stuff. “I hit the gym nearly every single day, putting in a solid two hours or more. But the best part is that fantastic feeling I get when I check myself out in the mirror after a killer workout,” she shares.
Amid her busy life, Amalie indulges in one guilty pleasure—a legendary hamburger from a local gas station near her hometown, Esso Ytteren. “It’s so good that words can’t do it justice,” she explains. “I eat it more often than I probably should.”
Dive into this back-to-the-past experience with the stunning Playboy Miss March 2023, Amalie Olufsen, right here.

Published in Playboy Germany March 2023 Issue
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Model: Amalie Olufsen; Photographer: Ana Dias; Producer: Gonçalo Jorge; Makeup & Hair: Kika Teixeira; Photography Assistant: Carlos Prazeres; Video: Filipe Figueiredo


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