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Name: Zoi Gorman
Birth date: 19.11.1985
Birthplace: Crete, Greece
Current city: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Languages: Greek and English
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Bust: 86 cm
Waist: 60 cm
Hips: 86 cm
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Favorite book: “The Lord of the Rings” – J. R. R. Tolkien
Favorite movie:
Favorite song:

My name is Zoi, which means life in the Greek language. I’m a Scorpio with a mixed heritage: my mom is Scottish, and my father is Greek. As a strong and confident woman, I love exploring new countries, enjoying a glass of wine, and diving into the art of cooking, especially savoring the aroma of coriander. I’m all about reading, especially when it comes to fantasy genres. My favorite authors include Tolkien, Neil Gaiman, Philip Pullman, and Terry Pratchett. I’m also a National Geographic subscriber – maybe that makes me a bit of a geek!
Growing up with my single mom in Scotland, I’ve got this empowerment vibe. I feel like I can do anything. You might not know this, but I have a degree in engineering, and I used to work as an engineer in an exciting job in Scotland where I helped decommission nuclear power plants. When that was no longer thrilling enough for me, I decided to quit and moved to the Netherlands to pursue a career as a model. Today, I can proudly say that I’ve worked with some of Europe’s most accomplished photographers and have been featured in some of the most renowned nude magazines. I am a Playmate in various countries, including holding the title of Miss February 2014 for Playboy South Africa. Posing nude, for me, is the purest and most liberating form of modeling, where both men and women can find pleasure in observing the naked figure. My modeling journey has taken me all over the world, and I feel grateful for every opportunity.
I plan to keep modeling until my breasts start to sag. And when that happens, I would love to make one of my big dreams come true – opening a guest house in Crete.
Recently, in case some of you aren’t aware, I’ve been trying my hand at acting with some success. I made an appearance in Game of Thrones, even though it was a small one, but it’s in my favorite TV series! For those who watch it, you can catch me in episode 7 of season 6.
Back in the day, I was all about computer games – “World of Warcraft” and “Final Fantasy” were my jams. My turn-on? Confidence. I’m seeking a man who’s patient, intelligent, and funny, with no room for jealousy. Dark hair, strong hands, and a love for my killer lasagna would be perfect. I’m not into Greek guys, sorry, mama’s boys! A bit of nerdy charm wouldn’t hurt either.

– Zoi Gorman


Zoi Gorman in Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 7—The Broken Man (2016).

Zoi Gorman finds freedom in posing nude, marking it as the purest and most liberating facet of her modeling experience. Photo credit: Stefan Soell

Baby Zoi and her guiding star, Mom, in Crete, 1986.



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