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Name: Raquel Jacob
Birth date: 27.06.1990
Birthplace: Porto, Portugal
Current city: Porto, Portugal
Languages: Portuguese and English
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Bust: 83 cm
Waist: 60 cm
Hips: 85 cm
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blonde
Favorite book:
Favorite movie:
Favorite song:

I began my acting journey in 1996 with my debut in “Menina do Mar.” I was only six at the time, but it really got me excited about performing on stage and made me sure that’s what I wanted to do with my life. The big breakthrough in my career came later, in 2006, with the popular TV show “Morangos com Açúcar.” It was a milestone in my life. I left my safe haven, my mother, my home, my friends—everything to pursue my dream. Initially, it was very tough, swapping Porto for Lisbon. I felt out of place, unprotected, but at the same time, I felt a tremendous strength to face the change positively, thinking that I was investing in a future where I could do what I really love: acting.
Now, transitioning from one of the “Morangos” girls to a certified femme fatale on Playboy’s cover? Talk about a glow-up! It was like looking at those photos and thinking, “Whoa, I want to meet that woman!” Now, speaking seriously, my relationship with Playboy, both as a reader and now as a featured model, reflects my appreciation for artistry and empowerment. Being selected as the Christmas cover was an honor, requiring mental preparation and trust in the artistic process. I used to do everything with my twin sister, and now stepping out of her shadow for the Playboy shoot was both nerve-wracking and liberating. She’s my rock, a significant part of my life. However, it’s time for us to pursue our professional paths separately and each follow our own desires.
If I had to choose one part of my body as the most irresistible, it would be a tough call. The lips, the eyes, the chest, the butt—it’s hard to choose because I like my appearance in the mirror; I am satisfied with what God gave me. As for what I find irresistible in a man, it’s not just about physical characteristics. Sure, lashes or a charming smile catch my eye, but above all, I’m drawn to a man who takes care of himself. Someone who pays attention to his appearance and has a refined sense of humor. There’s something special about waking up with a smile and falling asleep with one.

– Raquel Jacob


Raquel and Catarina Jacob, the cute twin duo, enjoying an ice cream together as kids.

Raquel and Catarina, in 2006, during the filming of “Morangos com Açúcar,” the TV show that catapulted the Jacob twins into the spotlight.

Raquel at the wax museum in Hollywood alongside Marilyn Monroe. What’s the common thread? They’re both iconic pin-up figures from different times.



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