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Name: Olga Kobzar
Birth date: 24.05.1991
Birthplace: Chișinău, Moldova
Current city: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Languages: Romanian, Russian and English
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Bust: 87 cm
Waist: 63 cm
Hips: 92 cm
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Golden red
Favorite book:
Favorite movie:
Favorite song:

I’m Olga Kobzar, originally from Moldova but currently living in Saint Petersburg, Russia. I’ve been a full-time model since I turned 18. I love traveling and I love animals.
Even though I’m a bit shy, I’m an easy-going person. I really enjoy photography and often try out new hobbies. I like learning new things, and the main thing I want to learn is diving so that I can take cool underwater pictures.
I’m not a morning person; it takes me a couple of coffees to wake up. During the day, I do a bunch of things at once, like cooking, drawing, or knitting. In the evening, I take my dog for a walk, and that’s when my day really starts. I hang out with friends, have a few cups of coffee (or wine when I’m in Paris), and when I’m back home, I read or knit until late at night.
In relationships, I appreciate men who are easy-going, funny, caring, and a bit romantic. They should be strong, but not too much, so we can take care of each other. Physical appearance isn’t a top priority for me; I believe beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

– Olga Kobzar


Baby Olga Kobzar, melting hearts since 1991.

Olga’s heart is happiest when surrounded by animals. Photo by Tatiana Mertsalova .


Olga and her Mom, riding together and sharing the love for horses.



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