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Name: Olga Marackovska aka Olga De Mar
Birth date: 12.08.1991
Birthplace: Daugavpils, Latvia
Current city: Milan, Italy
Languages: Latvian, Russian, Italian, German and English
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Bust: 87 cm
Waist: 60 cm
Hips: 90 cm
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blonde
Favorite book: “The Master and Margarita” – Mikhail Bulgákov; “White Fang” – Jack London; “Memoirs of Geisha” – Arthur Golden, “Siddhartha” – Hermann Hesse
Favorite movie: “Good Will Hunting” – Gus Van Sant; “The Matrix” – Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski
Favorite song: “Shape of My Heart” – Sting; “Feeling Good” – Muse; “Poles” – Louna

Hey, I’m Olga De Mar, a Latvian girl who’s passionate about her job, loves to travel, and enjoys exploring new food flavors. I’m all about keeping it real and living life to the fullest.
My persona is a bit provocative, but in real life, I’m just soft and simple. I’m a joyful, self-confident, flexible, and sometimes unpredictable person. My friends used to call me crazy, but in a good way.
I’ve been into modeling ever since I first laid eyes on a camera. Even as a kid, I’d set up photo shoots with my cousins. Things got more serious when I entered a beauty contest and sports competitions as a young teen, and a model agent discovered me in Latvia when I was just 14. But I really got started in the world of modeling in 2012. My mom made sure I finished my studies before diving into the modeling world. She used to wonder, “Posing in front of a camera, really? Who’d pay for that?”
There are many positive aspects about my work, such as traveling, meeting talented people, being a part of creative projects, and learning new languages. However, there are times when it’s tough. I have to deal with sleepless nights and staying connected with friends, family, and relationships can be a challenge. I feel like I’m constantly on the move, living out of suitcases, and spending most of my life alone.
Usually, I’m leaving my house at 3 in the morning to catch the first flight, and I don’t usually get back until midnight, which gives me only three hours to sleep. But I’m used to it, and if I have two days off, I get bored.
I’m all about experiencing life to the max. I’ve climbed Kilimanjaro, explored the Serengeti National Park without a guide, gone on safaris in Nigeria, and traveled all over Rajasthan in just seven days. I’ve dived in the Maldives, lived in the Egyptian desert with Bedouins, discovered Mayan culture in Mexico, embarked on the Trans-Siberian journey, experienced the snowy landscapes of Lapland, and hoped to catch a glimpse of the northern lights. And I’m not stopping there; there are still things I want to try, like attending the Burning Man festival, climbing Everest, and going on an expedition to Antarctica.
I’m a foodholic. I can eat a lot and pretty much anything, but it has to be made really well.Maybe in my next life, I’ll become a food critic, another job I’d do with just as much passion, pleasure, and love. Tomatoes are my absolute favorite; I’ll devour tomato salad, tomato soup, sip on tomato juice, and savor tomato-flavored ice cream for dessert.

– Olga De Mar


Back in 2005, Olga became the first-ever Miss Fitness Model Latvia.

Olga’s legs were making a statement right from the start.

Little Olga, unaware of the star she would one day be.

The first time I went to Italy, I thought, Oh my God, I feel like this is my country. People smile! The food is tasty! Everyone is so beautiful and nice! It was like paradise. Still, it was a hard adjustment. In Latvia, if I plan something, that means I’m going to do it. In Italy, it’s like, “Come on, let’s go drink!”

I like a guy who’s curious about life and wants to discover all it has to offer. Someone who’s intelligent with a lightness of character, never complaining and always smiling. A hippie without the hippie lifestyle!

Inspiration from many sources can make me feel sexy. It could be a beautiful flower, a good book or a dramatic film that makes you cry.

Jealousy is a turn-off. I don’t agree when someone says, “If you’re not jealous, you must not love me.” It’s the opposite. If you’re jealous, then you’re not sure about me—and you’re not sure about yourself.

I could die for good food. I never drank wine or coffee before moving to Italy. It’s so good and so cheap here! Now if I’m having lunch and it’s not with a glass of wine, it’s not a good lunch.

Feeling feminine and showing weakness is beautiful to me. Women like Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren—they could be emotional, laugh and cry. Never shy and always open. Only a strong woman can show herself to be weak, and the same goes for men. If a man can cry and say he’s sorry, it means he’s strong.

Your life is so rich. Don’t waste time comparing it to someone else’s. There is plenty of happiness to be had. If you make people around you happy, you’ll be much happier. Make lots of friends, because they will bring life to your life.

When I started out, I was living in an apartment with eight other models—some of the most beautiful girls in the world. I was working like crazy while some of them booked zero jobs. That showed me it’s about your character and not just what you look like. If you’re annoying or don’t actually like your job, you won’t get hired.


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