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Name: Marisa Papen
Birth date: 30.04.1992
Birthplace: Paal, Belgium
Current city: Nomad-life
Languages: Dutch and English
Height: 174 cm
Bust: 88 cm
Waist: 60 cm
Hips: 88 cm
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Dark blonde
Favorite book:
Favorite movie: “Borat” – Larry Charles
Favorite song:

I’m a free spirit, a wild heart, and an expressionist. I find joy in diving into the ocean, breathing in the fresh air, eating, sleeping, listening to music, and seeing other people smile. Simple things.
My career ambitions are straightforward: to create art, connect with people, explore different cultures, and, above all, be happy.
I was 22 when I first posed nude in front of a camera. I remember this incredible wave of freedom and expressiveness filling up my entire being. It was a meditative state I had no context for at the time. I witnessed my body move in ways it had never moved before. I experienced my mind peaceful and present. I felt my heart opening. Something awoke inside of me that day.
For me being naked means merging with nature. In this purest state, I experience freedom and peace which not only brings profound happiness but connects me to the essence of my being and my environment. If you have never tasted the blissful feeling of being naked in nature, a beautiful place to begin is swimming.

– Marisa Papen


Marisa Papen and her sister Laura Papen in their childhood. Any guesses on who’s who?

Even the cold weather can’t dampen this brave and cheerful spirit.

Marisa Papen, a wild child who’s always radiating joy, captured in all her glory by Knut Koivisto.


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