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Name: Julia Yaroshenko
Birth date: 14.08.1989
Birthplace: Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine
Current city: Bali, Indonesia
Languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Bust: 85 cm
Waist: 58 cm
Hips: 85 cm
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Golden red
Favorite book: “Bhagavad Gita” – Vyasa
Favorite movie: “Casablanca” – Michael Curtiz
Favorite song: All handpan music

I’m Julia Yaroshenko, a Ukrainian model who embraces the joy of living! I’m all about listening to my heart and being true to myself.
Throughout the years, I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with numerous photographers of all skill levels, and I’m comfortable posing with or without direction. They used to say I’m easy to work with. When I see that real admiration in photographer’s eyes, it lets me open up and give it my all. Turning my body into a sensual art form, infusing 100% emotion into my images.
I’m very responsive to music and rhythm while modeling.
There’s still a list of photographers I’d love to work with, and I’m always up for new photo projects. Every job, big or small, gets my pride and responsibility – I put my soul into each one.
I love posing nude, but the sexiest part? It’s all in the face – the expression, the attitude. Seduction through the body is easy; doing it with the face is a real challenge.
As a child, I dreamt of traveling, meeting people, and making a positive impact. Today, as I ride the waves of my modeling career, I believe I’m serving the world by inspiring both men and women with beauty. I’m proud to embrace that responsibility.
Looking ahead, I see myself making a bigger impact on the world. I’m into spirituality, especially yoga and meditation. The incredible capacity of our body and mind keeps me fascinated – I’m always studying and discovering more.
On my bucket list, I dream of experiencing a traditional tea ceremony in Japan, dressed in a kimono amid the ancient rituals. Skydiving over Hawaii, a pilgrimage in Nepal, practicing yoga in Rishikesh, and taking a Vipassana course in New Zealand are all adventures I eagerly anticipate. Living in a temple, soaking in the wisdom of dedicated gurus – that’s on my agenda too.
And fun fact: I have a unique habit of waking up at 4 am every day.
I find happiness in simple things—flowers’ scent, the taste of fruits, loved ones’ smiles, starting a new book, or even a dip in an ice pool or a challenging gym session. Happiness, for me, is a state of mind that radiates from within.

– Julia Yaroshenko

Julia Yaroshenko’s first Playboy cover (Mexico, March 2022), a striking collaboration with her then-husband Joakim Karlsson.

Julia may be small in stature, but her impact is colossal – turning heads and leaving smiles in her wake.

Yaroshenko’s red hair, freckles, and radiant tan make her a favorite for photographers everywhere.



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