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Name: Daria Manko aka Amelie Lou
Birth date: 27.10.1997
Birthplace: Donetsk, Ukraine
Current city: Kyiv, Ukraine
Languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Bust: 77 cm
Waist: 57 cm
Hips: 87 cm
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Dark blonde
Favorite book: Books about psychology
Favorite movie: “Mary and Max” – Adam Elliot
Favorite song: it depends on the mood

Hello, I’m Amelie Lou, and here is a little about me. I like to discover what the world has to offer and I try to discover myself in doing it. I love people and the deep meanings of social interactions, but I also love cozy, alone time at home.
At the heart of my little haven is Princess, my cat, who I rescued from an animal shelter. She’s my confidant and fills my days with warmth and love.
I’m really into working with people, helping them understand their feelings and who they are. My big dream is to become a psychologist and support individuals dealing with emotional difficulties. I want to make the world a better, safer place.
Speaking of people I admire, my family is at the top of the list. They’re my rock, my support system. And there are my friends, who I hold dear and trust to open up to. And if I had to choose a celebrity I admire, that would be Madonna, who’s shown the world what it means to be fearless, have a voice, and be yourself, no matter what others think.
In my free time, you’ll often catch me dancing at home, getting lost in the music, or expressing myself through painting. It’s my escape, where I truly feel free.

– Amalie Lou


Amelie Lou and her dear Princess, a shelter rescue turned family member.

Pure happiness: Amelie’s radiant smile alongside her dad.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the spiciest of them all?


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