Ana Dias

Viktoriya Goncharuk

The Girl with a Phoenix Tattoo

Dive into the vibrant world of Playboy Playmate Viktoriya Goncharuk in this photoshoot, captured poolside in Portugal by photographer Ana Dias. Originally from Ukraine, Viktoriya, a radiant 27-year-old beauty, now proudly calls Portugal home. “I’ve been living in Portugal since 2001. I moved to the capital, Lisbon, in 2007, and I absolutely love it there!” she shares.
Soaking up the summer vibes, this shoot is a burst of colors, sweetness, and loads of candies, perfectly complementing Viktoriya’s rebellious and colorful inked skin. “One of the wildest things I’ve done is getting most of my body tattooed. It took two years, and they’re still not finished! I’m very proud of my tattoos and love to show them off—they’re like my second skin,” she says. Adding some fun flair, Viktoriya rocks her cool pink blonde hair while having a blast by the pool with playful inflatables. In the midst of splashes, a massive phoenix tattoo steals the show, spinning a tale of strength and rebirth with its awesome design. Laughter and joy fill the air as Viktoriya channels her inner mermaid, captured in underwater shots.
Get ready to bask in the sunshine and enjoy the beauty of Viktoriya Goncharuk!

Published in Playboy Romania September 2013 Issue
Also published in Playboy Italy October 2013 Issue; Playboy Greece November 2013 Issue; Playboy Mexico March 2015 Issue
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Model: Viktoriya Goncharuk; Photographer: Ana Dias; Photography Assistants: Gonçalo Jorge, Pedro Teixeira; Makeup: Ana Duarte; Hair: Elsa Brandao





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