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Model Valeria Lakhina photographed by Ana Dias for Playboy

Playmate Valeria Lakhina brings her fiery charm to the sun-baked shores of Portugal. Without a care in the world, there’s nothing but smooth sailing ahead with the beautiful Valeria. “I feel sexiest when I’m seaside. With freckles, a suntan and droplets of salt in my hair,” she says. Check out this Ukraine-born and Moscow-based exuberant redhead in her July 2018 Playmate pictorial shot by Ana Dias.

First published in Playboy July/August 2018 Issue
Also published in Playboy Portugal July 2018 Issue; Playboy Italy July/August 2018 Issue; Playboy Ukraine July/August 2018 Issue; Playboy Poland August 2018 Issue; Playboy Netherlands October 2018 Issue; Playboy Czech Republic October 2018 Issue; Playboy Hungary November 2018 Issue; Playboy Calendar 2019; Playboy Poland Calendar 2019; Playboy Germany October 2019 Issue; Playboy Ukraine Calendar 2022; Playboy Russia Spring 2022
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Model: Valeria Lakhina; Photographer: Ana Dias; Producer: Gonçalo Jorge; Photography Assistants: Nikolai Striebel, Pedro Teixeira; Makeup & Hair: Jenny Miranda; Video: Filipe Figueiredo; Aerial Images: Filipe Teixeira


Playmate Lera Lakhina by Ana Dias photography


Ana Dias photographer with Playboy playmate Valeria Lakhina - behind the scenes


Playboy, Valeria Lakhina


Ana Dias Playboy photographer

Stop what you are doing! The breathtaking Playboy covergirl Priscilla Huggins is here!
Coming from Puerto Rico, Priscilla — or Pria, as her friends call her — is just in her element, taking in the fresh air and sunshine on location by the paradisiacal Caribbean Sea. “Being in such a magical and beautiful place like Tulum, Mexico, gave me even more inspiration to do my absolute best to make sure the images came out perfectly,” shares the 26 years old model. Looking perfectly sun-kissed and glowing, Priscilla strolls on the sandy beach, between the palms and the waves, while the photographer Ana Dias captures her radiance. “Working with Ana has been an absolute dream! She is so incredibly talented and made me feel super comfortable, confident and sexy,” she says. When she’s not modeling, you can find Priscilla working as an actress or travelling around the world. It’s hard not to fall head over heels for her striking blue eyes, long brown hair and full pink lips.
Get your skin tanned with Priscilla Huggins in her spread from the May Issue of Playboy Mexico.

Published in Playboy Mexico May 2020 Issue
Also published in Playboy Italy May 2020 Issue; Playboy Netherlands June 2020 Issue; Playboy Summer 2020 Issue
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Model: Priscilla Huggins; Photographer: Ana Dias; Producer: Gonçalo Jorge; Production Assistant: Roger van der Veer; Makeup & Hair: David Friedman; Video: Filipe Figueiredo; JJ Maghirang; Elias Escalante; Special Thanks: Mudra Tulum


Ana Dias Playboy photographerPlayboy Girls of Summer by Ana DiasAna Dias Playboy PhotographerPriscilla Huggins nude for Playboy Mexico by Ana Dias photographer


riscilla Huggins Ortiz Playboy Team Ana Dias


Playboy, Priscilla Huggins

California Dreamin’

Alina Boyko nude for playboy by the photographer Ana Dias

Say hello to Alina Boyko, the stunning Playmate and cover girl for the August issue of Playboy Netherlands. And thank God it’s summer, because Alina is the kind of girl that would make you take your clothes off and go dancing in the rain. In this set with photographer Ana Dias, she feels at home, with the sun glowing on her skin, her feet in the sugary sand and the Stars and Stripes waving in the air. When she’s not modeling, you can find Alina hiking, travelling around the world or binge watching ‘Rick and Morty’ over and over again.
After seeing her shoot for the first time on the pages of Playboy, Alina was stoked. “This is the most beautiful photoshoot I have ever done!” she said. You will be stoked too, when you fall under Alina Boyko’s spell, right here!

Published in Playboy Netherlands August 2020 Issue
Also published in Playboy Mexico September/October 2020 Issue; Playboy Germany November 2020 Issue;Playboy Germany Special Edition – Reine Poesie – 2021 Issue
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Model: Alina Boyko; Photographer: Ana Dias; Producer: Gonçalo Jorge; Makeup & Hair: Raquel Batalha


Alina Boyko nude for playboy by the photographer Ana DiasAna Dias Playboy photographer cover magazine


Alina Boyko by Ana Dias for Playboy


Playboy, Alina Boyko