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Emily Agnes

Miss July

emily agnes photographed by ana dias for playboy

Best known as Miss July 2014 for Playboy USA, the beautiful Emily Agnes is taking center stage on Playboy Portugal as the Playmate of October 2019.
Coming from the United Kingdom, Emily Agnes is totally in her element while the photographer Ana Dias snaps her camera away at her beauty. “I have followed Ana for many years and working with her was a dream come true. I can’t wait to see myself though Ana’s eyes!” she says. With a series of rotating bikinis in white and red, Emily tosses her clothes to the sand in this spread to reveal her mesmerizing all natural curves. When it comes to posing nude, Emily thinks it’s no big deal. “I love to pose nude! I hate clothes especially knickers… I don’t wear them” she says chuckling. “I feel free and at one with myself when I’m nude. Shooting nude makes me feel like a goddess, it gives me such power, I’m always on a high the day after a nude shoot.”
In person, Emily may seem a little shy, but when she’s in front of the camera she’s anything but. “I am definitely an extroverted introvert.  And one of my special talents is looking the most unlikely model/playmate in everyday life. People are stunned when I tell them I am a Playmate, they don’t often believe me.”
When she’s not modeling, you can find Emily working as a volunteer, providing aid to the homeless. “This takes up a lot of my time and it is a big commitment, but rewarding in ways I can’t express” she says proudly.
Get your fill of the gorgeous and refreshingly real Emily Agnes, right here.

First published in Playboy Portugal October 2019 Issue
Also published in Playboy Mexico October 2019 Issue; Playboy Netherlands February 2020 Issue
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Model: Emily Agnes; Photographer: Ana Dias; Producer: Gonçalo Jorge; Makeup & Hair: Jenny Miranda; Video: Teresa Almeida


Emilu Agnes nude Playboy by Ana Dias


Behind the scenes of a photoshoot with ana diasemily agnes behind the lens by ana dias


Playboy, Emily Agnes