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Hey, Miki!

Model Miki Hamano photographed by Ana Dias for Playboy

The stunning Miss March 2019 Miki Hamano will enlighten you. Remarkable, sultry, and exotic, this gorgeous Playmate hails from a rural Japan, but this free spirit is as American as they come. Now, she resides in Los Angeles where her career has been taking off. Catch her enjoying herself on set with the photographer Ana Dias, as she sheds it all for some California sunshine. Scroll down and fall for Miki Hamano’s natural beauty over and over again!

First published in Playboy Winter 2019 Issue
Also published in Playboy Portugal February 2019 Issue; Playboy Netherlands April 2019 Issue; Playboy Philippines May-June 2019 Issue; Playboy Hungary November 2019 Issue; Playboy Germany Special Edition – Exotic Dreams – 2019 Issue
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Model: Miki Hamano; Photographer: Ana Dias; Photography Director: Anna Wilson; Art Director: Erica Loewy; Photography Assistant: Jorge Teixeira; Styling: Kelley Ash; Makeup & Hair: Bree Stanchfield; Staff Photography and Video: Evan Woods; Photo Coordinator: Sandra Evans; Video: Eric Longden


Ana Dias Playboy cover with Miki Hamano Netherlands April 2019


Ana Dias photographer with Playboy playmate Miki Hamano - behind the scenes


Playboy, Miki Hamano

Match Point

Get in the game with the gorgeous International Playmate, Svenja van den Bogaart, in her iconic and active pictorial for Playboy shot by the photographer Ana Dias. Coming from Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Svenja had always dreamed of being in Playboy. “Playboy was my biggest goal for my career,” she shares. While this beautiful redhead may seem a bit shy at first glance, once the camera points her way she totally lights up.”Everyone is always a little confused when they have seen me online but have never met me in real life, I’m pretty shy and super awkward at first. But once I really get to know people I can start to open up,” she says. Dressed in a classic tennis skirt, sweater, and visor, Svenja is ready for her close-up as the sun shines upon the red clay court. Keep score with her, right here.

First published in Playboy Netherlands August 2021 Issue
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Model: Svenja van den Bogaart; Photographer: Ana Dias; Producer: Gonçalo Jorge; Makeup & Hair: Raquel Batalha; Video: Filipe Figueiredo; Aerial Images: Pedro Barradas


Svenja by Ana Dias Playboy Netherlands


Svenja playmate


Playboy, Svenja van den Bogaart

California Dreamin’

Alina Boyko nude for playboy by the photographer Ana Dias

Say hello to Alina Boyko, the stunning Playmate and cover girl for the August issue of Playboy Netherlands. And thank God it’s summer, because Alina is the kind of girl that would make you take your clothes off and go dancing in the rain. In this set with photographer Ana Dias, she feels at home, with the sun glowing on her skin, her feet in the sugary sand and the Stars and Stripes waving in the air. When she’s not modeling, you can find Alina hiking, travelling around the world or binge watching ‘Rick and Morty’ over and over again.
After seeing her shoot for the first time on the pages of Playboy, Alina was stoked. “This is the most beautiful photoshoot I have ever done!” she said. You will be stoked too, when you fall under Alina Boyko’s spell, right here!

Published in Playboy Netherlands August 2020 Issue
Also published in Playboy Mexico September/October 2020 Issue; Playboy Germany November 2020 Issue;Playboy Germany Special Edition – Reine Poesie – 2021 Issue
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Model: Alina Boyko; Photographer: Ana Dias; Producer: Gonçalo Jorge; Makeup & Hair: Raquel Batalha


Alina Boyko nude for playboy by the photographer Ana DiasAna Dias Playboy photographer cover magazine


Alina Boyko by Ana Dias for Playboy


Playboy, Alina Boyko